Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Jamshedpur ‘Turbanator’ Rajkamal pays unique tribute to mothers


Jamshedpur:  City-based ‘Turbanator’ Rajkamal Jeet Singh has come up with various styles of turbans with a ‘Mother’ written on it to pay tribute to moms on the occasion of Mother’S Day tomorrow. Singh is popular for his turban tying skills, what makes him more special is his ability to drape the headgear in a few minutes. On the eve of Mother’s Day he tied turbans which can depict ‘mother’ written in 101 languages across the world. He knows to tie turban in 164 different styles.
“ I wanted to give a message globally the importance of mother, so after several days of struggle I was able to tie various turbans with ‘Mother’ written in different languages including Hindi, English, Urdu, and Punjabi,” said Singh, who is a MBA by profession.    

Sharing his journey so far, Singh said: “I developed keen interest in tying a turban when I was very young. Every day after school hours, I used my mother’s scarf as a turban. Subsequently, after learning the skill, I started tying my father’s turban. My parents were impressed with my efforts. Since then I have participated in many competitions and won several awards.”

While he aspires to set up his own turban training academy in future, he has won several competitions and other special awards in various events.

According to Singh for Sikhs, turban is an identity, a symbol of spirituality, pride and honour. A Sikh can give up his life for his turban. It is a symbol of unity and integrity for the community. “A turban is not an ordinary piece of cloth,” he reiterated. He said he is also inspiring youths to tie turbans.

Ever since he took to it, everyone has been praising his turban style, which further created room for learning other styles too. He’s the go-to guy you want to get a turban tied for an occasion. “When there is any special function, my relatives or neighbours come to my house to get their turbans tied.”

It takes him 5-10 minutes to wrap his head in any of the four styles, including amritsari, patiala shahi, morni and wattan wali. Talking about different styles of turbans, Singh said that when it comes to the most popular style and colours, ‘patiala shahi’ tops the list accompanied with bright colours. “It has origins from the royal family of Patiala and connects you to the times of maharajas and makes you feel royal, but, it goes well mainly with bright colours such as green, red, yellow and orange to name a few. Therefore, some people on a regular basis also prefer wattan wali turban,” he said.

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