Thursday, November 30, 2023

Jamshedpur SSP asks mobile cops to intensify their rounds

Cases of snatching on the rise, police to focus on parks

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Jamshedpur, Nov. 8 : With thieves and snatchers having a free run in the city, the Jamshedpur police have asked the mobile cops to get more active along the roads that lead to a joggers’ park in any loclaity of the city.

Apart from these major incidents of loot on the streets, the incidents like snatching of cellphone and cash at various parts of the city has become regular.

“There has been a spurt in petty crimes in the city.  We have been successful in arresting quite a few thieves involved in the reported cases but I think there is a need to ensure proper night watch. We are planning to increase the movement of mobile police and vigil,” noted a police official.

He went on to add that maximum cases of thefts have been reported from Bistupur, Sakchi and Golmuri areas this year. The police would increase vigil in these areas.

Senior superintendent of police, AnoopBirtharay said that the mobile cops will intensify their rounds at the roads leading to the jobbers’ parks so that the criminal elements suspected to be roaming around to make any morning and evening walker their prey can be apprehended.

Birtharay, when queried, claimed that the incidents of snatching and theft have not increased the way they are being said, but despite that the police officials and the mobile cops across the district have been instructed to ensure that such crimes may not take place in their respective thana area.

On an average, 60 incidents of cellphone snatchings and 15 incidents of chain as well as purse snatching are taking place under Bistupur and Sakchithana areas a month while Police van having beacon lights and “mobile tiger” (mobile cop) keep on moving on the streets.

Incidents of conmen diverting the attention of the public and making away with their bags containing cash and valuables have been on the rise in the city. Despite efforts to curb the incidents by the police the situation remain the same.

Though such incidents are frequently occurring in various parts of the city, the police have not able to control the situation. People coming out of the cases banks after withdrawing money have been the victims in a majority. A majority of chain snatching incidents have taken place during afternoon and late evening hours when it is difficult to identify snatchers. Snatchers grab the victims from the back and snatch their chains, earrings and other ornaments and escape from the scene within seconds. They target women who pass through deserted areas. Its high time steps ate taken to curb the menace.

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