Monday, December 6, 2021

Jamshedpur private hospitals to have 314 oxygen beds as measures for Covid third wave

Nearly 717484 are expected to be infected in third wave in Jharkhand, 49892 in East Singhbhum

Passengers coming from states reporting dangerous Delta plus variant to be under scanner after entering Jharkhand 

Ranchi, June 27: Steel city of Jamshedpur will require 314 oxygen supported beds, 35 High Dependency Unit (HDU) oxygen supported beds and 70 ICU beds in the estimation of beds requirement drawn up by state health department in preparation for the third wave of Covid-19.

This estimation has been drawn up in the handbook for Covid-19 third wave released earlier this month named ‘Manual for preparation, prevention and planning for Covid-19 third wave in Jharkhand, The way forward’. A letter has been written by chairperson of the Third Wave Covid control room and senior bureaucrat Bhuvnesh Pratap Singh to the East Singhbhum civil surgeon Dr A. K Lal for ensuring arrangements of the bed facilities at private hospitals in preparation of the third wave of the pandemic.

“The letter has been sent to all the 24 district civil surgeons to take note of the decision of the empowered committee for prevention of third wave of Covid and the number of beds preparation required in each of the districts and also take suitable steps in informing the medicine stockists of the number of medicines required  as mentioned in the handbook published for Covid-19 third wave,” said state health department nodal officer IEC, Siddharth Tripathy.

The letter informs that based on the estimation in the manual, taking into account five per cent positivity in the third wave of Covid-19, 49892 children (aged below 18 years) in East Singhbhum out of a total population of 997844 are expected to be infected. There is also an estimation of 40 per cent being symptomatic which makes the number 19957 and 82 per cent being mild cases, 16365 and 15 per cent being moderate cases – 2994 and three per cent being severe cases – 599.

“Based on this estimation East Singhbhum need to have 314 oxygen supported beds required for 90 per cent of moderate cases, 35 high dependency unit supported beds for 10 per cent of moderate cases and 70 ICU beds for three per cent of severe cases,” the letter informs the East Singhbhum civil surgeon.

The letter also informs that out of nearly 14,349,680 of the population of children (below 18 years) around 717484 are expected to be infected in the Covid third wave. Nearly 286994 would be symptomatic and 235335 would be mild cases and 43049 would be moderate cases and 8610 would be severe cases .

The state will require 4520 oxygen supported beds, 502 HDU oxygen supported beds and 1004 ICU beds for severe cases.

The letters also asks civil surgeons to ensure availability of  required amount of paracetamol drugs, cough drops, vitamin C drops and also availability of syrups of paracetamol, amoxicillin+ clavulininc acid, ofloxacin and ornidazole, ofloxacin, prednisolone, cough syrup, ranitidine, multi vitamins, citrizine syrup with montelocast and vitamin C and tablets of paracetamol and amoxycilin and clavulininc acid.

The state has only 1113 active cases and on Saturday only three persons died of Covid and there was addition of 98 new cases.

RT-PCR test samples of passengers travelling to Jharkhand from states that have reported the Delta plus variant of SARS-CoV-2 virus will be sent for whole genome sequencing within 24 hours if they test positive, the health department has decided in a bid to keep the more infectious strain of the virus at bay.

The Delta Plus variant of the coronavirus, which has affected people in at least 12 states, including Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, is said to have 60 per cent more transmissibility than the Delta variant and the potential to reduce monoclonal antibody response, which compromises the patient’s ability to respond to some of the medications, health officials said on Sunday.   

 “Such passengers, who come to Jharkhand from the 12 states that have reported prevalence of the Delta plus variant and test positive for Covid-19, will have to mandatorily be hospitalised,” said Dr. Siddharth Tripathi, the nodal officer of health department’s Information, Education and Communication (IEC) wing.

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