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Jamshedpur: Music album, ‘Loktantra Ke Pahredar’ a tribute to members of the Fourth Estate

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Jamshedpur, May 29: The importance of journalists and their inherent responsibilities to hold aloft the pride of a nation while risking their lives or at the cost of family life is unfortunately a lesser realized fact and like falling leaves is discarded and swept away. Few believe the risks taken by the journalists while covering sensitive news or collecting war updates in real and not mock battlefields. Many such journalists have met their ends while trying to cover incidents and events. In fact, many media persons fell victim to the ‘marauding’ COVID period. For some condolences were held while for others, they passed into the folds of unobtrusive history. It does the heart of the members of the Fourth Estate to learn that some people, somewhere are preparing to pay tributes to the lives and times of journalists who continue to put service before self to bring the events and happenings at the breakfast table or on the TV screen.

A Hindi music album, ‘Loktantra Ke Pahredar,’ designed to pay tribute to the members of the Fourth Estate is expected to be released soon with the first song to be launched on June 5. The album is being produced by the young artistes of Jamshedpur themed on the role of the fourth estate. ‘Loktantra Ke Pahredar’ literally translated reads, ‘Watchman of Democracy’ whose poster was formally released on Sunday, May 29. Jharkhand-Bihar’s popular singer Ajit Aman informed, “This album is being produced in memory of journalists who lost their lives during the COVID period. There are two songs in the album. One song will be launched on June 5 while the other will be released later.”

 Presently, the shooting and editing of the album is going on. Lyricist Amit Tiwari’s composition has been rendered by Ajit Aman. Manoj Pandey has acted in the album that has been directed by Surya Singh. It may be mentioned that Lyricist Amit Tiwari has written many songs on various social topics. Avneesh Srivastava, Chairman of Neheesh Software Solutions and Tirio Media Pvt Ltd is, by profession a software engineer stationed in Bengaluru but has a special affection for Jamshedpur as he did his schooling at Ghatshila Government School and used to visit the steel city often. In spite of his busy schedule, he takes time out for creative pursuits and his inclination towards social responsibilities was reflected in ‘Ma’ the music album that he had produced themed on health awareness of women. Avneesh assured that in future too, he would continue to provide support to the artistes of Jharkhand.

Ajit observed, “The role of journalists and journalism’s importance has been projected in the album. A journalist never comprises on news making. They work for society and the nation while being oblivious to the needs of his personal sphere.”

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