Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Jamshedpur MLA Saryu lends support to Sardul Auto Works

Jamshedpur: Jamshedpur East MLA Saryu Roy on Tuesday visited Sardul Auto Works and met company management Sardul Singh and employees to get information about the problems being faced by them. Company owner Sardul Singh said that this company has been operating in Azadnagar Road No. 12 for the last 30 years. Earlier there were only grounds around the company. With the gradual increase in the population of the area, many houses and houses were built adjacent to it.
 The company has been involved in manufacturing uninterrupted since its inception and employs 400-500 employees in three shifts and is the source of livelihood for hundreds of families in the region. For the past few days, the company management is being intimidated by some domineering people living in the area in the name of pollution control and other issues and with the connivance of the regional officers of the Pollution Control Board, the company is being harassed in the name of pollution standards. 
The company management said that all the parameters have been adopted by the company on the basis of the guidelines set by the pollution control board. But whenever the clearance report is demanded from the authorities, they do not provide it and on the contrary, the company is intimidated by adopting various tricks and is pressurized to compromise with the local complainant.
 MLA went through the letter and other documents received by the Pollution Control Board to the company and became aware of all the technical points. Roy assured the company management that in any case, the future of the company and hundreds of employees would not be allowed to be exploited. They will take appropriate and concrete steps to ensure that the company operates smoothly in a fear-free environment.

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