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Jamshedpur Mango Bridge repair work to be completed by May end

Jamshedpur, May 10: Mango Bridge repair work which started in last week of March, 2022 is likely to be completed by May end. One lane of Bridge got was opened for traffic on April 26. 

 “We expect to complete the present scope of repair work by the third week of May, 2022. The project involves replacement of five expansion joints, laying of mastic asphalt at both carriageway to increase the ride quality, mastic has been done in place of conventional bituminous concrete which has got a higher life even in wet condition, construction of 850 mm high central divider to guide the traffic and improved illumination by replacing existing light fittings, ” said Tarun Daga, managing director, Tata Steel UISL (formerly Jusco).

The nearly 800 meter long Mango Bridge was built during the erstwhile Bihar government in 1996. 

Addressing a press meet at Beldih Club on Tuesday, Daga said, Tata Steel Utilities and Infrastructure Services Limited is taking several steps to improve the quality of life for the people of city.

New water connections to be given

Speaking about the drinking water issue in the city, Tata Steel UISL MD stressed, “Worldwide, water is a depleting resource and India is also preparing for the same through the Jal Jeevan Mission. Surprisingly, Jamshedpur’s per capita consumption of water stands at 200 litres per person (capita) per day (LPCD) in residential areas which is approximately 50% more than the national government norms of 130 LPCD. We need to run campaign and make people aware to save water and each and every individual should do it from their end.”

Meanwhile, other parts of Jamshedpur face water shortage during summers and rely on water tankers for their daily needs.  

Tarun Daga today said that presently, there are approximately 49000-50000 water connections in the city covering areas of Tata Steel accommodation, other parts of the sub-lease area as also the Bagan areas. This will increase by approximately 10,000 in Bagan & Sublease areas through two schemes – Eastern Water Supply Scheme (EWSS) & Western Water Supply Scheme WWSS. This will approximately cover 5000 connections through each scheme respectively. This initiative will materialise over the course of next 24 months.

 Another new scheme is at a project planning stage that will service the balance of the Eastern part of Jamshedpur covering 2500 units. Supplies from this scheme, when completed, are likely to start by Jan 2025.

CH Area Road to Marine Drive to be completed by May end 

He informed that Circuit House Road to Sai Temple / Marine Drive is also likely to be completed by the end May22. The project will ensure ease connectivity to Sonari, Ashiana and Marine Drive.

“The length of the road is 1.5 kms and is being widened to 10 meters. It will have 1.5 meters pedestrian footpaths on both sides. Median grills at central verge to separate carriageway,” he added.

Talking about Marine Drive, Daga said that a lot of repair work has been done at Marine Drive from the last few months and will continue.

The managing director further informed that strengthening and repair of Bhalubasa bridge is in progress while the widening of the stretch from Ramlila Maidan to Baradwari Flats has been completed, and the work from the Baradwari Flats to the Bridge is presently on hold. He further informed that most part of the Bistupur Outer Circle road widening was complete except a 300-meter stretch that remains pending.

Daga further said that a lot of repair work has already been done during the past few months and this will continue further. Pothole detection and repair is being done regularly. An attempt was also made from Jan, ‘22 for sand-cement injection grouting for filling voids and use of a glass grid layer between bituminous layers. This process will now be carried forward in stages/stretches. A roundabout between Dobo Bridge and the Parsi-Aramgah is under evaluation. 

Capt. Dhananjay Mishra, senior general manager (JTO), was also present on the occasion.

Jungle Trail to be ready by March 2023

Jamshedpur, May 10: A jungle trail, presently under construction behind the Circuit House Area is expected to be completed by Mar, ‘23. Located near Marine Drive towards Parsi Aramgah, the 2.5 KM long Jungle Trail is a short trail with easy access that is setup for young and old to get out and explore nature. Illumination in / around parks is being strengthened with special mention of Gandhi Ghat Park, G Town area, Bhetiya Park, Ramnagar park, New Baridih Park. The work is going on and it will be the first kind of trail we are working on.

Emphasizing on the continuous effort to improve water supplies, Daga also informed that all deliverables as per Birsanagar- Bagunhatu (Moharda) water supply system agreement have been completed. Further increase in service coverage area or numbers will require fresh agreements including plans for improving capacity.

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