Sunday, December 10, 2023

Jamshedpur jokes: Corona cautions cancelled

Mail News Service

Jamshedpur, July 9: What stupidity is this? Here the government declares Unlock-1 and then Unlock- 2 and then threatens and carries out raids in markets and other public places except Sulabh Sauchalays and unofficial roadside ‘sanitizer points’ to catch people without masks, without fear brazenly disrespecting the law of social distancing? It may be right for people with rational thoughts but they constitute a minority who prefers to stave off the threats of expansionist Corona Mai Jinping.

Or for that matter, rationalists pensively question the logic behind the introduction of the two Unlocks when people were already enjoying the bliss even during the Lockdown phases. Why Unlock the social marauders bent on rampaging the fields of sensibility and sowing the fast growing seeds of COVID–19? Alas the government and it’s good intents of rotating the stalled economic wheel! 

It is but natural that worry lines on foreheads and elsewhere bear deeper furrows with the COVID graph shooting up faster than the winking of an eye. Having failed to open the logical sensibilities of the masses of city citizens, the district and police administrations are fighting the last ditch battle to save denizens from the this deadly disease’s ditches. But by the time the folly of this exercise is realized more COVID cure centers have to be arranged for. It is strongly advocated that the well meaning Unlocks be immediately locked down to save the remaining percentage of human elements from perishing to Corona from China.

All the bold circles in and outside shops for customers in queues are the other episodic jokes that do not humor people. Either there are clamoring crowds or no crowd at all. Crowds in front of closed shops are not expected anyway. But that is beside the point. Who is going to sermonize to nonchalant people about the significance of the circles? The police? The district administration? Bah…

One wonders why, after billions of years of advancing civilization, man still fails to grasp the simple contents of wellbeing. The lockdown phases have seen the darkest era of people suffering an economic beating and living literally on alms from social, religious and political organizations. The Unlock-1 and 2 were meant to gradually reopen the schools of earning ways and slowly but steadily return to economic health. If people (the majority of social atheists) had seen the light and followed the safety protocols, the humiliation of people being chastised by the police for breaking norms could well have been avoided. But then, pigs had never appreciated the concept of bathing.

By all means, the lockdown should be reimposed or else, there would be none left to earn incomes or stick out the palms for alms. There will be none left to write in history sheets, “Once upon a time, there lived a mammal by the name of MAN who was advanced and introduced computers, smart phones, nuclear weapons, COVID and finally wrought his own coronavirus doom. The synonym for man that prowled the earth and grew many beautiful forests, farmlands and industries, finally destroyed them all in its mad rush towards self destruction. Man created Frankenstein and Frankenstein spelt death. The final act, DEATH is all there is left for evidence.”

But one small fact that history will never know and that is, the souls will rest in corona pieces.

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