Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Jamshedpur Hanuman Temple dispute lands in DC’s court

Person who obstructs temple construction is not Hindu: Rakesh Sahu

Jamshedpur, Nov 23: A day after dispute broke out between two groups over the Hanuman Temple at Shahid Chowk in Sakchi, the matter was taken to the Deputy Commissioner’s office on Tuesday. The members of the temple committee submitted a memorandum to the Deputy Commissioner and said that the Hanuman Mandir was established in 1965 by Jagdish Sharma. Since then, the committee had been managing the temple affairs and conducting maintenance work. The members said that the two COVID phases did not deter the committee from ensuring daily worship and prayers.

The Shahid Chowk Hanuman Mandir Committee delegation that went to submit the memorandum to the Deputy Commissioner included president Surendra Sharma, Rakesh Sahu, treasurer Ajit Sharma, Chintu Singh, Appu Tiwary, Dashrath Shukla and others. They stated that they had sought permission from the Dhalbhum SDO to conduct repair work as the Lord’s idol was being damaged due to lack of maintenance. They said that repair work had commenced since a month. They claimed that during this period, another committee was formed with the connivance of a political party and a dispute that had been brewing since then came to the fore on Monday.

Working president of Sri-Sri Bajrang Akhara Samiti (Heera Akhara) Sri-Sri Hanuman Mandir Sakchi Shahid Chowk, Rakesh Sahu said, “One who obstructs or objects to the construction work of a temple is definitely not a Hindu. Politics in the name of religion is the worst offence one can commit whoever that person or whatever political affiliation he has. I appeal to all Hindus not to stop the temple construction work. The construction and repair work of the Hanuman Mandir should be executed by all the people and all the members jointly.” Rakesh Sahu demanded the district administration’s intervention by taking action against anti social elements who hover around the temple. He said that orders for resumption of repair work at the Hanuman Mandir should be given with immediate effect. “The people in the new committee have nothing to do with this temple and as such it is a fake committee. We demand action against them.”

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