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Jamshedpur flyover construction to start in 4 months: Banna Gupta

Jamshedpur, December 4: The proposed flyover in Mango will not come up near Ulidih police station but near Rajasthan Bhawan this was claimed by state health minister Banna Gupta in a release issued by his Jamshedpur West MLA office. 

Health Minister Banna Gupta did a site inspection of the proposed flyover at Mango Chowk on Sunday. On this occasion, officers of Tata Steel Utility Infrastructure Services Limited (old name JUSCO) and Road Construction Department were also present with him. 

The health minister’s convoy first reached near Rajasthan Bhavan on Dimna Road. The approach road to the flyover will rise from here. An access road will be made on Dimna Chowk Road to Mango Chowk. After inspecting this site, the Health Minister reached Payal Talkies Road. The approach road will fall from near Payal Talkies. While on the other side there is a plan to drop the flyover near Marine Drive on the road leading to DC office. However, deliberation is still on for the exact site. 

The approach road of the flyover coming from Dimna Road side may fall near the Pandey Ghat near Bhuyiandih. After inspecting the site near Payal Talkies, the Health Minister’s convoy reached Mango Chowk via Mango Bus Stand roundabout and reached the road to Bhuyiandih. After inspection, the Health Minister reached near Marine Drive roundabout and from there Tata Steel Water Plant. 

There were also discussion on design of the flyover.

Talking to reporters, Banna Gupta said that an inspection has been done with the officials regarding the flyover. Several things have been noticed during the inspection. A meeting will be held with the officials regarding this and discussions will be held on other points, after which a decision will be taken. An amount of about Rs 400 crores has been allocated by the state government for the construction. The construction work of the flyover is to be started within four months. It has to be completed within one and a half years. During the inspection, the senior officials of  TSUIS including Pranay Sinha, Captain Dhananjay Mishra and others were present. 

After the inspection, the Health Minister held a meeting with officials of Road Construction Department, officials of Tata Steel and officials of Tata Steel UISL at Bistupur Chamariya Guest House. The construction of the flyover was discussed in the meeting. It was said that the construction of the flyover would be completed at the earliest. Captain Dhananjay Mishra of Tata Steel UISL said that emphasis has to be laid on the documentation of the plan. As soon as the documents are ready, its construction will start.


  1. Till this flyover is done what about he other issues which are making lot’s of nussines in Azadnagar opposite Gandhi maidan, the vegetable sellers are sitting on the road which is blocking the traffic and many accidents happen due to the same, no one is bothered about it not the municipal commissioner, not the DC as well as the local police station which is a wake able distance from the area.

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