Monday, December 11, 2023

Jamshedpur: Father stakes claim of newborn baby recovered from Ghurabandha jungle

Jamshedpur: The newborn baby recovered from Ghurabandha jungle is struggling for life at MGM Medical College Hospital. However, the baby’s alleged father Horo Purty is stacking his claim over the newborn.

Horo, who lost his hours-old daughter to an unidentified middle-aged woman at the medical college hospital premises on Wednesday afternoon, leading him to lodge an FIR with the Sakchi thana alleging of child theft claimed the baby now undergoing treatment belongs to him and his wife Pangela Purty had given birth to her.

” We are confident that the baby is ours because she has the same kind of mark on her head like the one seen on the head of the earlier newborn.  There is no question of two children, rather this is our daughter who had been stolen from the hospital,” said Horo.

The newborn is admitted at the neo-natal intensive care unit (NICU) in the children ward. Deputy superintendent, MGM Medical College Hospital, Nakul Prasad Chaudhury said the condition of the newborn is extremely critical.

” We are taking care of the baby but as the newborn is underweight she is having acute breathing problem and is now on the oxygen,” said the deputy superintendent.

Chaudhury, when asked, said whether the newborn is the same one stolen from the hospital on Wednesday is a secondary question. The police are investigating in this regard, but what we are focussing on is how to save the life of the newborn. 

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