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Jamshedpur CSIR-NML MoU with Recy Energy Pvt Ltd for recycling scrap, used LIB

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Jamshedpur, May 25: CSIR-National Metallurgical Laboratory (NML) entered into an agreement with Recy Energy Pvt Ltd of Pune to transfer a breakthrough technology for the recycling of scrap, waste, and used Lithium Ion Batteries (LIB). Dr SK Pal, Head, Research Planning & Business Development Division of CSIR-NML and Dr Masood Khajenoori, Founder & CEO of Recy Energy Pvt Ltd signed the technology transfer agreement on May 25, in presence of Dr Indranil Chattoraj, Director of CSIR-NML, Arindam Das from Recy Energy Pvt Ltd and Dr Sanjay Kumar, Head-Metal Extraction & Recycling Division, CSIR-NML. During the signing of the MoU, Principal Scientists Dr Abhilash, Dr Pratima Meshram and Dr TC Alex along with Senior Principal Scientist Dr A Vidyadhar, Scientist Rohit Meshram and Technical Officer Sudhakara Rao K were present.

The automotive and transport sector has been surging ahead worldwide and witnessing sharp growth in the realm of Lithium battery-based electrical vehicles across developed and emerging nations. India generates over 50,000 tonnes of Lithium battery waste every year, which is expected to increase three-fold by 2025. The customers’ lucrative demands and stringent environmental regulations ensure development of sustainable technology for Lithium battery recycling. At this juncture, CSIR-NML has come up with a waste-to-wealth creation technology that will address the global challenges prevailing at present.

Dr Masood Khajenoori mentioned that their quest for a universal technology that was capable of treating all types of Lithium Ion batteries had ended with this technology transfer agreement that was poised to help India in fulfilling the goals of the Swachh Bharat Mission and the Smart Cities initiative. This indigenous technology would pave the way for extraction of battery-grade Nickel, Lithium, Cobalt, and Manganese apart from Copper, Aluminium and rejuvenated graphite, as well as recycling of solvents used in the process.

Speaking at the event, Dr Indranil Chattoraj stated the role of CSIR via a Mission Mode Project in developing this technology. He added that a 100 kg throughout LIB recycling pilot plant was in the phase of realization under this project on a hire-operate-transfer mode for new generation entrepreneurs and established recyclers in battery recycling. Dr Sanjay Kumar, Head-MER Division of CSIR-NML mentioned the need of leveraging a universal technology in battery recycling that held the key to process economics and sustainability.

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