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Jamshedpur Coronavirus: Sample Covid-19 tests in anticipation of fourth wave

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Health department issues instructions 

Jamshedpur, April 27: Concern over a possible fourth wave of Covid-19, the health department authority of East Singhbhum district has issued instructions for restarting sample test drives for Covid-19. The instructions for starting the sample test for Covid-19 was given over threat looming large.

“We had ended the sample test for Covid-19 as cases of the infected persons had subsided immensely. But we have decided to resume the sample test once again. All the in-charges of the government-run health hubs have been asked to be active across the district,” said district civil surgeon, J Manjhi.

The civil surgeon informed that they have asked the health hub functionaries to carry out 1,500 sample tests.  The tests were being carried out on a regular basis till mid-February but stopped after the pandemic had subsided considerably here.

The district health department will focus on conducting rapid tests. The district health department will intensify the drive to conduct rapid corona tests to detect corona cases at the early stage. The move has helped to identify patients so that they can be quarantined to stop further spread.

The East Singhbhum district had its first Coronavirus positive case on May 12, 2020 exactly four months from now, when a 23-year-old girl and a 27-year-old youth from Chakulia were admitted at the Tata Main Hospital.   Since May 12, the Coronavirus continued to spread across the East Singhbhum district.

City-based physician Dr U K Srivastava said that crowded marketplaces and densely populated residential areas like Kadma, Sonari, Mango and Sakchi had emerged as COVID-19 hotspots in the city.

“We have observed that thickly populated business and residential streets are susceptible to the quick spread of the virus. Moreover, people of Jamshedpur are lenient when it comes to the use of masks and following social distancing norms,” he said.

A doctor of Tata Main Hospital said that 1despite the trend of the virus, one must continue to follow COVID-19 appropriate behaviour including wearing of mask, hand sanitisation, social distancing and avoid crowded places. “We need to be careful in the coming days as the downward trends should continue for the next two weeks. We should continue to avoid crowding, wear masks and follow social distancing. This will reduce the chances of spread of the virus. If we remain serious about the protocols the virus will further reduce significantly,” he noted.

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