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Jamshedpur: Air pollution at 276 in Mango, time for administration to pull up socks

Mail News Service

Jamshedpur, Nov 24: Air quality in Mango read an alarming 276 on Thursday early morning and according experts, if no action is taken by the administrative body, the indicator could rise further and could be disastrous for residents in and around the Mango main roundabout. They identified the cause of pollution to emanate from vehicular traffic’s exhaust fumes. They said that vehicle pliers, especially the heavy class like trucks and other motorized goods carriers.

The experts believed that either truckers moved around with false pollution certificates or the transport department was rather slack in executing vehicle checks that gave transporters a wide leeway to push their business with scant respect for traffic norms.

The air quality index jumped from 200 a few days ago to a more than alarming reading that touched 276 on Thursday early morning. If this threatening situation lingered much longer, then people residing or moving in and around the Mango main roundabout would be open to lung diseases like asthma and many other killer infections.

If air quality index is upto 50, it is considered that such localities were safe from air pollution. However, if the indicator pointed between 101 and 200, the air quality in and around the area was polluted and could harm the lungs. Just a couple of days earlier, the air pollution was measuring up to this reading. But on Thursday, the air quality index climbed up in frenzy to an unhealthy 276 points that made it clear that the index was on the rise.

Air quality and pollution experts believed, “Air pollution in and around Mango Chowk has attained threatening level and the cause is the heavy movement of unrelenting vehicular traffic. Pollution checks are not conducted properly, if at all. Transport owners are least bothered because of the ‘lethargic’ ways of the transport department authorities. People are moving around with false pollution certificates and adding to the causes of the dangerous pollution levels in the air. The transport department should take up cudgels and adopt the strictest attitude towards erring transporters, vehicle owners including two-wheeler riders through uninterrupted drives to curb air pollution.”

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