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Jamshedpur: Administrative and social organizations’ support for theatre development


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Jamshedpur, March 29:  A session on the review of theatre and other performing media status was organized by Nishan on the occasion of World Theater Day in the TISCO Technical Provisionary Association Library at Sidgora. Young and veteran theatre workers of the city presented their opinions on the condition of theatre at present and sought ways to improve and keep alive and improve the scope of theatre and other performing arts.

Nishan’s Rajesh Kumar said that it was the responsibility of the organization to bring all other theater units of the city on a single platform so that proper development of theater could be achieved. “The rentals of the city’s auditoriums are almost skyrocketing and are getting beyond the reach of theatre workers. Thus, it is imperative for us to keep theatre and the other performing arts alive and kicking by opting for other innovative ways to move away from these expensive auditoriums and yet keep the performing zeal alive.”

He appreciated the authorities of the Sidgora Library for hitting upon the exciting idea of performing theatre and other cultural events on an open stage sans any roof where the open space in front was serving as an auditorium. In fact several plays and other performing media events have performed In this innovative , open auditorium conceived on the format of the ancient proscenium theatre of the initial Roman era.

Veteran theatre person and senior executive of the Nishan theatre organization, Shyam Kumar described the Sidgora Library concept of open auditorium as ‘Sanjeevni Booti’ (an Ayurvedic term for rejuvenation or revival of life with root  extract) for theatre and other performing media activists and the performance starved audience. Shyam opined, “Change necessitates innovation. A different and exciting experience of watching and performing plays is gaining ground with this method of performing under a literally ‘open sky.’ But, to maintain the progress of this more than feasible option, we require administrative backing and the cooperation of other socio-cultural organizations.”

The meeting was chaired by senior theatre actor SN Singh. Ankush Saswat anchored the proceedings. Among others who participated in the discussion meeting included  Prem Sharma, Sushant Kumar, Bablu Raj, Vivek Bihari Mishra, Pradeep, Moushumi Dutta, Amit Singh, Aman Kumar, Chandan Kumar, Anisha, Amisha and Shailendra Mahato.  

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