Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Jamshedpur Accident: 30-year-old run over by speeding trailer on Tata-Kandra Toll Bridge


Jamshedpur: A horrifying accident occurred on Wednesday morning as a speeding trailer collided with a Scooty on the Tata-Kandra Toll Bridge, tragically taking the life of a 30-year-old youth. The incident took place in the area under the jurisdiction of Kadma Thana.

The victim, identified as Amrit Kumar, a resident of Aditya Garden in Adityapur, was riding his Scooty on the left side of the road at a moderate speed when the trailer, traveling in the same direction, suddenly veered off course, striking the Scooty. The collision was so severe that Amrit Kumar lost his life instantly.

In the aftermath of the collision, Amrit was thrown from his Scooty, and his head came under the wheels of the heavy trailer, resulting in fatal injuries.

It is worth noting that Amrit Kumar was wearing a helmet at the time of the accident.

Following the accident, the trailer driver attempted to flee the scene but was apprehended by concerned passersby who pursued and caught him. The driver was subjected to a physical altercation for his reckless driving before the police arrived at the scene.

Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Kadma Thana, Ashok Ram, stated that the tragic mishap occurred as Amrit was returning home on his two-wheeler after completing his morning walk at the Joggers Park in Kadma. “We have transferred the victim’s body to MGM Medical College mortuary for a postmortem examination after taking the erring trailer driver into custody,” said Ram.

It is noteworthy that incidents involving recklessly driven trailers, dumpers, and other heavy vehicles on the Kadma-Sonari Marine Drive and the Tata-Kandra four-lane road have been a recurring issue. Local authorities, especially the Jamshedpur police, have been criticized for their lax enforcement, with sporadic traffic checks being the only measure taken, aside from regular helmet checks. This unfortunate incident underscores the urgent need for stricter measures to curb such road accidents and hold reckless drivers accountable.

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