Saturday, December 2, 2023

Jal Diwali to illuminate 31 Municipal bodies with a focus on women’s engagement in water supply

Ranchi: Jal Diwali, a unique celebration, is set to take place in 31 municipal bodies across Jharkhand from November 7 to 9. The Urban Development and Housing Department has communicated with all municipal bodies, directing them to ensure the success of this initiative. Under the program titled “Water for Women and Women for Water,” members of self-help groups (SHGs), predominantly women, will be taken on a tour to nearby water treatment plants. During this visit, they will gain insights into various water purification processes and the entire water supply chain.

The primary objective of this program is to raise awareness about the quality of water provided and the ongoing efforts to ensure its purity. The government aims to foster a sense of ownership among women regarding access to clean drinking water and the supply thereof.

Each municipal body has been instructed to collaborate with the National Urban Livelihood Mission (NULM) and organize visits for SHG women to nearby water treatment plants. The program will include educating them about the water source, water quality assessment, identifying additional substances found during research, and the infrastructure required for effective water supply.

To facilitate the program, municipal bodies will arrange transportation for the women to visit water treatment plants. They will also provide handbags, steel water bottles, refreshments, posters, badges, and other necessary materials to ensure a meaningful experience for the women involved. The state government has identified 31 water treatment plants for the Jal Diwali celebration, which will run from November 7th to 9th.

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