Monday, December 4, 2023

IWC holds cancer awareness talk

Jamshedpur, March 17: Inner Wheel Club of Jamshedpur organised an awareness talk on ‘Prevention and early detection of cancer amongst adolescent, students and ladies’ held at Government Utkramit Middle School in Bhatia Basti.

The resource person of the awareness talk was Dr Prakriti Mishra.

Dr. Prakriti Mishra interacted with senior class students of Bhatia Basti Govt School and told them about common symptoms of cancer generally found amongst Indians and this part of the country.

Dr. Prakriti also talked about common symptoms of oral cervical, skin, lungs, uterus related cancer and how important it is to consult doctors so that any disease can be cured at the early stage.

Children interacted with her and expressed their concern on their fathers� habits of chewing tobacco and drinking alcohol. They were requested to counsel their parents and make them understand the ill effects of those on their body.

Mrs Nibha Mishra interacted with students and talked about good and bad touch. She explained in detail the importance of protecting oneself from threats and how trusted family members and teachers can be of help. She also discussed basic safety precautions one should take while venturing at night and lonely unknown areas.

Students shared their experiences on one to one basis as they interacted with the speakers freely.

President of the club Alokananda Bakshi, Archana Thakur, Ranjeeta Sinha and others were present.

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