Monday, July 26, 2021

ISA Project at Motilal Nehru Public School

Jamshedpur : “My Nation, my Pride” was the motto of our international project aimed at promoting international integration.

This is a project where students emphasized that a nation excels when every citizen is proud a being a part of it. The National Symbols are symbolic of the treasures of a nation- the flora, the fauna, the heritage, the culture and all other aspects.

The students of Motilal Nehru Public School explored and learnt about National Symbols of Srilanka, Lebanon and Uganda, countries which they have partnered with.

They learnt that just as the peacock, lotus and tiger make us Indians proud, the National Symbols and emblems of the other countries.

This morning’s assembly saw a special presentation by the students of class VII singing the National Anthem of the different countries. The children were fascinated by participating in this activity. The children understood the essence of the anthem of Uganda, Lebanon and Srilanka.

This project was facilitated by Mrs. Suchismita Chakrobarty, Mrs. Rama Kohli, Mrs. Rupa James and Mrs. Moumita Sarkar. The rhythm and music was guided by Ms. Sumita Mukherjee and Mr. Subroto Biswas.

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