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Important roles of banks and Pragya Kendra in farm loan waiver: Jamshedpur DC

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Jamshedpur, March 18: In view of the prevailing impediments being faced by farmers, the Jharkhand government has drawn a blueprint for the waiver of farm loans upto Rs 50,000. The reason for this move is, among others, to provide farmers a breather from loan burdens and to put them on the road to self dependence on the economic terrain.

Deputy Commissioner of East Singhbhum, Suraj Kumar said that the state government and the district administration had prioritized standing by farmers to ensure their socio economic development. He said that the role of all Pragya Kendras and banks was important in the implementation of the state government’s move to waive farm loans upto Rs 50,000. The entire process is being executed online so that the farmers get direct benefit of the loan waiver.

The state government’s decision of farm loan waiver was taken with an eye to improve the economic status of farmers, assurance of good crops, prevent mass exodus of farmers to other states in quest of livelihood and to strengthen their means of self dependence. Deputy Commissioner Suraj Kumar said, “The state government’s move to waive farm loans is a major step to ease the financial burdens of farmers and all Pragya Kendras will have a major role to ensure that farmers get all necessary help without any glitches to avail of the state government’s vital facility for them.”

The Deputy Commissioner informed that as per the guidelines of the waiver scheme the beneficiaries of standard or schematic loans who were recipients prior to March 31, 2020 would benefit from the new move of the state government whereby outstanding loans up to Rs 50,000 would be waived. The eligible beneficiaries of this scheme had been 9identified, the DC said. The beneficiaries of the scheme would have to deposit their applications at Pragya Kendras or banks.

The podalities for qualification of this benefit will include depositing applications along with Adhaar, ration cards, self declaration certificate, mobile phone number and state government’s service charge of Re 1 following which the application will have to be authenticated via e-KYC system. Once this process is successfully completed, the applications will be automatically be presented through the project portal for verification and processing. The applicant will then be provided a token or registration number.

Deputy Commissioner Suraj Kumar directed all Pragya Kendras to ensure that the processing should be transparent so that the eligible farmers could avail of the benefits of this scheme. He said, “The farmers should not be made to run from pillar to post at Pragya Kendras to get the benefits of waiver. All possible help should be extended to farmers. The state government is waiving loans upto Rs 50,000 for small and marginal farmers.”

The DC stated that the schemes will be processed in coordination with SLBC or bank coordination. “The role of banks will also be a vital factor in the successful implementation and execution of this ambitious scheme. It is the district administration’s resolve to ensure the economic stability of farmers. Special focus is on transparency in processing of the applications for loan waiver.”

All eligible farmers are being included in the scheme. The DC has issued directives to all officers concerned and to Pragya Kendras for effective execution of the applications. Suraj Kumar has urged farmers to contact their nearest Pragya Kendras for information and registration of their applications along with stipulated documents.

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