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IMA forces MGMCH OPD closure, TMH, TM function normally in Jamshedpur

Mail News Service

Jamshedpur, Dec 11: The Indian Medical Association (IMA) called a nationwide closure of all OPDs throughout the country. Jamshedpur too felt the effect of the IMA call. The Jamshedpur branch of the organization on Friday intervened at the MGMC Hospital’s OPD services which were forced to close after two hours of service from 9 am within which time 180 patients were treated and provided medicines. The IMA Jamshedpur team comprised president Dr Umesh Khan, Dr Ashok Kumar, Dr Sourav Chowdhary, Dr manoj Kumar and other medics.

The OPD at MGMC Hospital functioned normally between 9 am and 11 am in which time 180 patients underwent checkup. Later, the IMA Jamshedpur unit team arrived and closed all operations in the OPD section of the hospital. However the OPD units at Tata Main Hospital and Tata Motors Hospital functioned normally.

The OPD section at Brahmanand Hospital remained closed as IMA’s Dr Santosh Gupta, Dr Mukesh Kumar and other doctors were present there to ensure implementation of IMA’s nationwide call. The OPD unit of Sadar Hospital at Khasmahal too remained closed.

IMA Jamshedpur secretary Dr Mrityunjay Singh said that the organization was against the government’s move to combine Unani, Homeopathy and Ayurved and come out with a form of medical treatment, Maxopathy. “The doctors in these streams will be empowered to perform surgeries which is wrong. The government should move away from its Maxopathy contemplation. Otherwise, IMA’s agitation will become sharper and stronger.”

Dr Sourav Chowdhary said, “We are not against Ayurved treatment but we are definitely against giving them the authority to perform surgeries. This will only put the life of patients in peril. Ayurved practitioners are not acquainted with the intricacies and finer points of surgery and the government’s decision to give them the authorization to perform surgeries is impractical, dangerous and life threatening.”

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