Thursday, February 2, 2023

Holy seasons lead to soaring in prices of fruits and vegetables in Jamshedpur

Jamshedpur: People of the city are battling with towering prices of vegetables these days. Truant monsoon has resulted in poor rainfall, which has further led to low yield this season. The prices of almost all vegetables have shot up by at least 50 per cent in the city in recent weeks. No doubt impact of delayed rains is showing in the prices of the vegetables in the city.

According to information, over the weeks the prices of vegetables in the city markets and its adjoining areas have skyrocketed and people are reeling under increased prices. The production this has been hampered.

Farmers in Patamda complain that due to poor rainfall the production has been affected. Due to short in supply the prices of several vegetables like tomato, potato, garlic, lady’s fingers and bringalhave increased.

The prices of very essential vegetables like potato and onion have doubled. Prices of potato have increased from 9 Rupees to Rs 20 per Kg while onions have shot from Rs50.

“The prices of potato and onion have doubled in last few weeks and it has been very difficult to run the house with such sudden price hike. We have no choice but make purchases at increased rates”, said Gajanand Sharma, a school teacher of Jugsalai.

Meanwhile, Nizam Mohammed a trader of Sakchi said that the yield is low this season due to poor rainfall. Both the states Bihar and Jharkhand have received comparatively low rainfall this season
He said that due to increase in prices of petrol and diesel, the cost of transportation has also jumped.

The traders who import vegetables from neighbouring states have no choice but supply at increased rates.

The prices of green vegetables are also beyond the reach of the people as most of them are selling at an exorbitant rate. Lady’s finger at Rs35 to 40 Kg, Carrot Rs40 -45 Kg, brinjal Rs 24-30 kg.
A vegetable vendor said that due poor rainfall, the production is limited. If there is rain, prices are expected to come down.

Meanwhile, consumers are forced to cut their vegetable budget due to dearer prices. “My vegetable budget has doubled. If the situation continues, we will be forced to cut down on our consumption of vegetables completely and instead would be switching to staple food items,” said a housewife.

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