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Heavy traffic over-killing roads in Steel City


Jamshedpur: The increase in the sale of the four wheelers, especially the budget car too, is impressive with 1858 cars being sold in the last fiscal ending March 31.  

However, annually above thousand road accidents are taking place in the city and four to five accidents (including small and moderate accidents) daily on an average in which more than 100 odd people are loosing their lives. And, it is either the two-wheeler rider or the pedestrian on road is on the receiving end.

More than 30 survey teams members associated with L&T Infrastructure (Chennai) were found jotting down details at various important arteries of the city witnessing heavy traffic volumes like Subernarekha Link Road, Golmuri –Agrico Main Road, Sakchi-Kalimati Road, Mango bridge, Bistupur-Jugsalai-Tatanagar Station road etc.

L&T Infrastructure bagged the consultant rights for the traffic survey and comprehensive mobility plans and signed MoU with state urban development department and respective local urban bodies, in the month of February 2015 at Ranchi.

The traffic survey in Jamshedpur Urban Agglomeration is being coordinated by Jamshedpur Notified Area Committee (Jnac), Mango Notified Area Committee (MNAC), Jugsalai municipality and Adityapur notified area committee (Anac).

After the traffic survey the consultant will also carryout a survey from amongst two percent of the total population of Jamshedpur Urban Agglomeration (total population around 13 lakhs) on their preferred mode of conveyance at the moment.

In the year 2006-07, the sale of two-wheelers registered with the district transport office is 3629 and cars 2119. In the following year 2007-08, 3316 two wheelers were registered while the number of the cars is 1710 and in the year 2008-09, two wheelers registration is 3745 and cars 1858.

“Jamshedpur has a very good network of smooth roads and the problem is that even such vehicles that are almost 15 to 20 years old are still plying on the streets in addition to the fresh bulk of vehicles.

The relatively older vehicles should get off the road which unfortunately, is not happening in the city,” said an official of district transport department.

There’s no denying that fact that Steel city is only next to Pune in terms of two wheelers strength on road but the width of the main roads are small to accomodate the heavy flow of the vehicles.

The Jai Prakash Narayan Setu and Kharkhai Bridge, connecting Mango and Adityapur to Jamshedpur respectively, at the two ends are most prone to traffic jams with one or the other incident of either breakdown of a heavy vehicle or political party’s blockading the vehicular movement at regular intervals.

The inflow of the automatic gear vehicles mostly, the scooter version are on the rise with school and college students opting for them in large number and during the peak hours the vehicles flow on the busy main roads become erratic leading to accidents. 

Construction of a new toll bridge connecting Jamshedpur to Gamharia is over and possibly than the load on the city street will ease with all the commercial heavy vehicles staying away from the city.

“The traffic condition in the city has gone for a toss. Auto rickshaws and buses have become a big menace in the town with their negligence on the roads as well as haphazard parking.

I think it is high time that administration take steps to control it,” said Prakash Sharma, a city-based social worker.

He also said that no traffic constable with requisite trained skills had been deployed at the place to regulate traffic.

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