Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Health facilities to be increased for Jamshedpur railway employees


Jamshedpur: Here is some good news for railway employees. Until now, railway employees had to depend on private hospitals to treat themselves or dependents. For this also, they had to go to the hospital of the railway and they used to be referred. In Chakradharpur division too, railway employees had to wander for dialysis. They sometimes had to visit the Tata Motors Hospital and sometimes the Brahmanand Hospital. But after the Covid 19 pandemic, staff woes worsened. Before dialysis, the hospital management used to ask for a Covid negative report. In view of these problems, the South Eastern Railway Men’s Congress had demanded the management of railways to provide dialysis facilities to the employees in the railway hospital itself. It is a matter of relief for the employees that the Railway Board has approved the fund for this keeping in mind the problem of the Men’s Congress.
 Tender process is also being started for this. Under this, the rail management will invite private labs that provide dialysis facilities in their nursing homes. As per the rules, all private companies will have to be involved in the tender process. After this, those who have the lowest bid will get the opportunity to operate the dialysis center in the Chakradharpur Mandal Rail Hospital. In this, they will have to give full service to the doctor, including the operation, maintenance and medicine of the machine. With the introduction of this service, railway employees will not have to wander to other hospitals for dialysis.

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