Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Girl child found wandering in Jamshedpur, police search for relatives

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Mail News Service

Jamshedpur, May 25: In a distressing incident, a girl child was wandering alone under the scorching sun on Thursday afternoon near Mango Chowk in Mango. The girl, visibly upset and crying, caught the attention of police officers patrolling the area in PCR number 2. Acting swiftly, the officers rescued the girl and transported her to Mango Police Station. Authorities are currently making efforts to gather information from the child regarding her family members.

The girl, who identifies herself as Mani Sona and claims her mother’s name is Pooja, has been unable to provide any further details about her situation. Vinay Kumar, the in-charge of Mango Police Station, stated that the PCR number 2 team rescued the girl and brought her to the police station. Estimated to be between three to four years old, the girl could only provide her name and her mother’s name. Intensive efforts are underway to locate her family members and reunite her with them. Kumar further informed that Childline has been notified about the girl’s situation. Once the necessary paperwork is completed, the child will be entrusted to the care of Childline authorities, who specialize in providing support and assistance to children in vulnerable situations.

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