Friday, May 20, 2022

Four school kids injured in separate road accidents

Jamshedpur: Four school children were injured in separate road accidents involving school vans in the city on Monday. They were taken to hospital where their condition was reportedly out of danger.

In one of the mishaps that occurred near Tatanagar railway station, two students of Sri Krishna Public School at Bistupur, Ajay Kumar and Tuhin Bose, were injured after they fell off their school van.

The van had just reached station area on the main road when its rear door suddenly opened up. The van driver, ignorant of the incident, moved on and away from the scene. Commuters rushed both kids to Tata Main Hospital and informed the school authorities and parents of the kids about the incident.

In the other incident, two children were injured when a speeding bike rammed into a school van near Agrico traffic signal square. The motorist escaped from scene. Local residents and commuters somehow pacified the nervous looking kids and sent them to their schools.

The twin incidents caused much worry and disappointment among city parents as they learnt about it from school authorities and commuters.

Despite frequent mishaps involving school vans and auto-rickshaws, nothing much has been done by the district administration to put a stop on such incidents.

Parents have long been demanding school bus facility for transportation of children, but nothing has resulted out of their clamouring for the facility.

Eyewitnesses of such incidents have claimed that vans and three-wheelers carried children exceeding their loading capacity.

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