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Fostering scientific temperament, NTTF students visit NML


Jamshedpur, Sept. 2: A second group of 44 diploma course students of the Tata Steel Technical Institute (NTTF), Burmamines accompanied by two teachers, Baby Girja and Debesh Mandal visited CSIR-National Metallurgical Laboratory, Jamshedpur and interacted with scientists and research scholars this morning under the aegis of Social Connect programme, i.e. CSIR-NML-School Interactive programme.

The students were thrilled to visit the laboratory and interact with working group.
The programme was scheduled for two and half hours, Dr.PNMishra, Principal Scientist, coordinated the programme, started with welcome address, introduced students with the members of SNIP programme, and further discussed about CSIR-NML R&D activities and programme.

He discussed about the contributions of CSIR- NML to the Nationin the area of Minerals, Metals, Metallury and Materials. Science. Dr. AK Sahu, Senior Technical Officer motivated the students to interact with the scientist and query as much as possible while visiting to the different divisions of the laboratory and Dr. Sahu also proposed the vote of thanks.

After brief up, a lab visitprogramme was organized under the leadership of P N Mishra, S N Hembram and A K Sahu, where all the students are divided into twoseparate groupsfor managing to interact with scientists and research scholars. The students expressed their desire, feeling, asked numbers of question, and clarify their doubts with working scientists.

Students have visited creep testing units of MST Division and come to know about fatigue, creep, fractures prevailing in different types of industrial components. Theyhave gather exposure of various kinds of machines like Servo Hydro Testing Machine, Servo Electrical Machine and furnace.

Geopolymer section of Waste Management Unit is also covered in this visit. They further have visited Mechanical Testing Unit and come to know about forging, shaping, rolling&wire Drawing Machine, Trolley furnace chamber operated at 12000C.

NML Workshop units are the centre of attraction among students. They discussed in detail about function and operation of different machines.

Students are surprised to observe the 66-year�s history of CSIR-NML at museum and they ask various questions based on samples and posters pertaining to minerals based product and facilities.

Teachers and students have requested for their next visit to the laboratory for gaining deeper knowledge. Teachers express their exciting views and are completely satisfied to know about the consistent effort and research emphasis in various sectors for the ultimate development of make India.

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