Monday, September 20, 2021

Forest dept. to bulldoze illegal construction in Dalma Eco Sensitive Zone

Jamshedpur, July 12: The forest department is all set to bulldoze illegal constructions in the Dalma Eco Sensitive Zone. The forest department has also received the order copy from the Jharkhand High Court in this connection.

The Jharkhand High Court has ordered demolition of all illegal constructions from forest land after several incidents of elephant attacks in Patamda, Baghbera, Matladih, Sundernagar and nearby urban areas increased. Ranger R P Singh, said, ‘Forest department has received the order copy from the High Court and soon all illegal construction will be removed from Eco Sensitive Zone of Dalma Elephant sanctuary.”

Singh added, “The situation occurred due to unavailability of workers in the forest department and currently the forest department is functioning with very less number of workers.” He went on to elaborated that there are 27 approved posts for guards, but the department currently has only one guard.

It duty of the guard to patrol the forest areas and stop timber and animal trafficking, Singh said. In addition, the guard is also supposed to prevent any type of illegal construction on forest land.

Due to less number of guards there are rampant violations of rules of eco sensitive zone.

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