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Focus on balanced diet, regular exercise and stress free life: Dr. Pramod Tripathi

Jamshedpur, Sept 13: Over 500 people of Jamshedpur witnessed Live Free ‘Freedom from Diabetes’ program and took home some healthy tips given by the creator of the program Dr. Pramod Tripathi at Tata Auditorium in XLRI on Sunday morning.

The four-hour long program organized by CII-YI saw people from all walks of life queuing outside the venue before the schedule start time.

“Diabetes is no longer a life time disease even for those with a family history of diabetes, reversing diabetes and freedom from insulin is possible”, said Dr Pramod Tripathi, a Pune-based integrated stress and health management specialist and creator of the Freedom from Diabetes programme.

Booklets on the subject were also sold at the venue. Inspired by two well known American physicians Dr. Neal Bernard and Dr. Gabriel Cousens, Dr. Tripathi said that climbing stairs in much more effective than walking. Dr. Tripathi stressed on balanced diet, regular exercise and stress free life and positive mindset to reverse diabetes.

He said that following this for three months a person talking insulin for 12 months has gone off insulin. He also said that 2 hours after having food one should climb stairs. Leptin Registrance, extra fat, acidity and other fatty food increases insulin in the body and future it turns into Diabetes.

Dr. Tripathi while making the people stretch their muscles inside the Auditorium said, “India is home to 72 million diabetic patients and the rate at which it is growing India would become the world leader in diabetes by 2030. Doctors say diabetes can be controlled but I say it can be reversed”.

Dr. Tripathi further said, “I had in myself and always hoped of doing something different, I did several courses and spoke to other Doctors, Ayurveda Acharyas, Sadhus, Yoga gurus and many patients.

When a patient begins this program sincerely, results can show, within days. There are patients who were taking insulin for the last 19 years but have gone off insulin in just 12 days. “Food is the main reason behind diabetes and change in food eating habits will do a world of good, Dr. Tripathi said that one should focus on food, exercise and meditation with 100 % determination which would produce result is very positive”.

Abhas Moonka, Bistupur resident is one of many from Jamshedpur who have benefitted from this program. Sharing his experience, Moonka said, “I was suffering from very high sugar level and had no option but to go to Chennai for treatment as Jamshedpur doesn’t have good doctors, not purely satisfied I came back to the town and after few days another diabetic patient Deepak Taunk, Owner of Natraj Hotel recommended me to consult Dr. Tripathi in Pune.

I started following his course and within a week all my diabetes medicines were stopped and now after 3 months I am completely fit and healthy”, Moonka added. A medical graduate of the B.J. Medical college Pune, he specialized in Diabetes treatment from Nanavati, Mumbai. He then became a Corporate Doctor with many big companies Kotak, Godrez, Tatas, Wipro, Vodafone etc. He then began his journey to fight diabetes… not just fight, kill it.

Avoid milk, tea, biscuit

One should not eat Tea, biscuit, Glucose, white rice, bread, eggs, potatoes, Corn flakes, water Mellon, milk and its products, fish, Mutton, Chicken to remain healthy.

Eat these food items to keep diabetes at bay

To keep Diabetes at bay one should eat Brown Rice, gram, Sweet potato, Rajma, carrot, cereals and all types of fruits.

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