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Flat owners, shopkeepers intensify security


Jamshedpur. March 12: With the rising incidents of thefts and burglaries in the city, the police have started organizing meetings with people in residential flats, shopping malls, residential complexes and showrooms with a view to make them aware of the beefed up security arrangements at their premises.

The authorities are also looking forward to appoint additional security personnel and nights guards as a part of preventive measures.

It may be noted that incidents of thefts, burglary, loot and snatching have increased in last few months. About 15 cases of theft and burglary have been reported from the city and neighboring areas only during the February-March period.

Concerned over the recurrence of burglaries in the Sonari area, local shop-keepers convened a meeting on Saturday afternoon to discuss the issue. They decided to initiate the steps to stop the menace.

“We have convened the meeting as we want a solution to the problem. Depending on the police is not adequate and hence we have decided to appoint private security guards,” said anxious shopkeeper, adding that the local police have to be more active and vigilant during the night.

Concerned over rising incidents of petty crimes, the shop owners have joined hands to counter situation. “We have installed closed-circuit television (CCTV) sets, but that does not work 24-hours. We have decided to appoint extra security personnel and night guards to keep the vigil on thieves and ward-off any untoward incident,” said an official.

On the directive of SSP Anoop T Mathew, police have begun an interactive session with the people living in residential flats and individual houses to discuss and workout mutual support network to rein in theft incidents.

A few of the suggestions that have been put forward by the police to the house owners are installation of CCTV camera in the apartment building, stationing of security guards at the entry gates and verification of the security guards by the local police station before his/her appointment. Besides, they advised recording details of the visitors entering the complex, proper parking for vehicles and swift information to the police in the event of a crime.

A spate of burglaries in the city and suburbs during past few months has prompted the police also to take some quick measures to curb the problem.

It is time for the police to focus attention to curtail the increasing cases of burglary in the city. Thefts not only in residential areas, but also in commercial establishments have been reported.

“We are trying to control the spurt in petty crimes in the city and we have been successful in arresting quite a few thief involved in the reported cases but I think there is a need to ensure proper night watch. We are planning to increase the movement of mobile police,” city SP, Chandan Jha said.

The police suspect that migrant laborers from neighboring States are involved in most of the daytime burglaries in the city. “They spot the houses at a particular area and later come in groups,” said a police official.

He went on to add that maximum cases of thefts have been reported from Bistupur, Sakchi and Golmuri areas this year. The police would increase vigil in these areas.

The police have launched an initiative to build trust and confidence in the people and seek their valuable suggestions to check the rise in criminal incidents.

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