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Fishes death: Saryu Roy visits Jubilee Park, demands Government probe

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Jamshedpur : Food minister Saryu Roy, on Friday took stock of the situation at the 20- acre lake at Jubilee Park after several fishes died due to to presence of industrial effluents and depleting oxygen.

After his visit, Roy informed that he has asked East Singhbhum deputy commissioner to seek a report from district fisheries officer on the reasons behind death of fish. � It is really worrying that several fishes have died in few days. I will also ask the state government to send a team to Jamshedpur to take stock of the situation at the lake,� he added.

Jayanti Sarovar houses species like mrigal, catfish katla, and rohu. There are two in-lets to the water body � one near the Old Court and the other near Tata zoo. At the Old Court end, industries like Tata Steel and Praxair India Private Limited, a manufacturer of industrial gases, are located.

According to environment experts the decrease of oxygen level due to shallowness of the water body and oily polluting has led to suffocation causing death of the fishes. An expert noted that the shallowness of the lake has increased due to silt deposition. It proves that shallowness of the water is making fish exposes to predator.

However, on Friday, the lake looked clean. Unlike the last four days when aquatic life gasped for air, fish remained under water. The six-odd fountains functioned normally and additional two was fixed at the lake.

� We are keeping an eye on the situation. Cleaning was done yesterday and it would be routinely done. We�ll be paying special attention to the two inlets, one near the Old Court and one coming from the Northern Town,� said Jusco official.

The Tata Steel subsidiary utility major also released extra water into the lake to maintain the level.
Meanwhile another official said that aquatic plants growing in a restricted amount in ponds and lakes are beneficial for fish and wildlife.

They provide food, dissolved oxygen, and spawning and nesting habitat for fish and waterfowl. Aquatic plants can trap excessive nutrients and detoxify chemicals. However, dense growth can cause night time oxygen depletion and fish kills.

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