Thursday, June 8, 2023

Experts brainstorm on cyber security threats and strategies to prevent breaches


Jamshedpur, Sept 30: The cyber security landscape is changing dramatically, arising from the latest technological developments, dynamically changing complex IT systems and increasing vulnerability to advanced threats.

Against this backdrop CII organised road show on cyber security to dwell upon IT Security and Regulatory Compliances.�Vishal�K Agarwalla�Member,�CII Jharkhand State Council welcomed all the�esteemed�speakers and�also suggested that with the�increase�use of technology , we will have to take�cognizance�of�the fact that�securing our cyber space is of utmost priority.

Balaji Venketeshwar, Executive Director,�PWC highlighted the impact and significance of cyber attacks. He also suggested that since internet today has reached all our aspects of life, and has made us all the more vunerable to cyber attacks, there is need of Cyber security engineers.

He further added that this day and age is ruled by internet connectivity be it hospitals, various government departments, electricity grids and networks, all are interconnected. Thus an attack on the virtual apace can make all the services�dysfunctional�and life can come to a standstill.

Venketeshwar�also emphasised that all the high end technology gadgets, android enabled phones etc are all prone to hacking and cyber attacks. We should therefore tread the path with caution and keep in mind our risk appetite as far as usage of net banking etc are concerned.

Tejinder Bharaba�Information Security Specialist,�HCL Technology�brought�to the forefront the various�mechanism of hacking and the importance of merging cyber security to business goals to help industry adopt practices which can protect their cyber spaces.

Suresh Mishra , Consultant � ISMS ,Mahindra Special Services Group�emphasized� that cyber spaces of individuals�and�corporate�entities both need to be protected and all of us need to�vigilant�and understand the basic�fact�that no matter what we are unsafe as far as digital space is concerned.

At the event Balaji Venketeshwar�,Executive Director ,�PWC ,�Ms. Loveleen Bhardwaj�Head CII Jamshedpur , Tejinder Bharaba�Information Security Specialist ,�HCL Technology,��Suresh Mishra�,Consultant � ISMS ,Mahindra Special Services Group and others were present.

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