Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Encroachment of 400 railway quarters in Jamshedpur

Jamshedpur, Aug 29: Encroachment is on the rise in the railway area.  There are about 400 railway quarters in Tatanagar of Chakradharpur Railway Division which are illegally occupied. On the initiative of South Eastern Railway Men’s Congress, Chakradharpur Division, now the railway management is making a plan to demolish all these quarters. Railways makes arrangements for quarters for all its employees. There are about 2300 quarters in Tatanagar. But out of these, there are about 400 quarters which are illegally occupied by outsiders. Apart from the railway quarters, the encroachers also make full use of electricity and water. Due to this, the railway management is losing crores of rupees every year. At the same time, the employees who are entitled to quarter benefits are also being deprived of it.
In Chakradharpur Mandal, DRM VK Sahu held a meeting with the leaders of the Men’s Congress. In this meeting, the issue of illegal occupation of railway quarters in Tatanagar was once again raised by the Men’s Congress. Illegal occupation of railway quarters is not the only problem of Tatanagar. Similar occupation in railway quarters is also in Rourkela, Bandamunda and Jharsuguda. The senior officers of Railway Division have formed a team under the leadership of Assistant Commissioner of Railway Protection Force to investigate all such illegal quarters. Soon this team will investigate the illegally occupied quarters area wise.

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