Thursday, June 30, 2022

Eid celebrated with fervor in Chiabasa

Chaibasa, June 26: The festival of Eid was celebrated with great fervor in Chaibasa on Monday were people from the Muslim community gathered at various mosques around the town to offer Namaz.

Prior to the offering of Namaz, the head priest of Badibazar mosque explained the followers as to why we should say no to alcohol, he said that alcohol is the root cause of all the problematic offshoots in the society so Islam completely rejects the alcohol consuming.

A true Muslim must avoid alcohol. Thereafter Namaz was offered by the people of the community.

Muslims distributed alms to the poorís people who assembled at the mosque gate. After Namaz, the Muslims wished Eid Mubarak as the month long fast of holy Ramadan concluded on Monday.

The people from various social organizations also celebrate the day. Many Muslims called upon Allah to see again next year the pious month of Ramadan.

The shops on the road side were also decked up with sweets and various kinds of toys for the children. The morning of Eid cast the divinely spell of tranquility on every one imagination with purity and joy.

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