Sunday, December 10, 2023

Drinking water facility to be provided in mining affected areas: DC

Noamundi, Jan.30 : The Public hearing and poor development fair was organised at Gua Sai ground Gua in Noamundi Block on Monday.

The Deputy commissioner Dr Shantanu Kumar chaired the Public Hearing event. He was welcomed by BDO Amren Dang, Zila Parishad part 1 Shambhu Hazara and villagers beating the traditional drums.

Dr Shantanu Kumar Agrahori inaugurated the public hearing by lighting the traditional lamp. Addressing the villagers, DC said that government has prepared the DPR to ensure assured drinking water to people in mining affected areas.

He also said that the drinking water facilities would be provided within 6 to 7 months. A primary school would be constructed soon for Birhor tribe students. The construction of Panchayat Bhavan in Gua West and Gua East will soon start.

DC further said, the school dress and food would be provided free of cost to the students.

A total of 9 Aganbari Bhavan would be constructed and Pragya Kendra would issue the certificates within 40 days. Driving license would be availed on-line and the government schemes would benefit the public.

DC also asked the Tata steel rural development society to set up a pellet plant. On the occasion Ziia Parishad member part 2 Noamundi raised many issues before DC.

DC also inspected the various government stall during the public hearing. A large number of villagers and public representatives were present during the Janta Darbar.

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