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I don’t know what romance is like now: Big B

New Delhi, Jan 28 (IANS) Romance might have started early in Amitabh Bachchan�s life, but the megastar says he isn�t aware about its evolution now.

During an interview with Koel Purie on the show �Couching with Koel�, the megastar talked about romance in his early school days and more, read a statement.


Koel: You have played a student a few times in your career and most memorably in �Kabhi Kabhi�, �Sanjog� and �Paa�. All three of them have very little to do with studying but more to do with romance and I am sure it might be true for the characters but was it true for your real life when you were a student?

Amitabh: You are young, in college, independent…of course. This is embarrassing, even in school actually. It started in Sherwood, we had a sister school which was called All Saints, our main building up here where all the classrooms were and then you walk down to a playing field which was lower on the hill.

Below that there was a tennis court and below that all the prospective… lovers … we would break bounds from there, jump across the valley climb the other hill and go to �the wall�. It was called �the wall� because All Saints school had a huge wall which protected the girls from � predators like us.

The wall was the most significant thing in school. �Have you been to the wall?� that kind of conversation used to happen. We used to crawl up the wall. And the wall used to be the edge of their playing field, so just show up then perhaps one of the girls would come in the games period and then we would ask �Can you call that one please?�. Then the girl would casually walk across.

And it was really beautiful because you know; I don�t know what romance is like now, at that time it was- �how are you doing? or I made a little card for you… will you come to annual concert and may be you can put our programme into this card and that�s it bye, thank you� and get back. That’s all that used to happen.

Koel: Before asking the next question, I have actually got written permission from Jaya (his wife) that you must answer it. If you were a 30-year-old unmarried superstar in 2015, who out of current actresses would you have wanted for a girlfriend, wife or both?

Amitabh: You know looking at modern trends where everyone is very liberated these days, I wouldn�t choose to get married at all because then I would have the opportunity to be with all of them.

The episode will be aired Saturday on Headlines Today.

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