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Discovering Jesus: Author Cairae delves into preachings of Christ’s Apostles versus Paulite belief 


By Ashok Tomar

A research based book has been published recently in India with the title ‘Discovering Jesus’ by Harsh Mahaan Cairae. The same author had published a book earlier with the title ‘An Aryan Journey’. This was a research based on Vedic, Zoroastrian, Greek and Roman literary sources. In this it was brought out that at one stage an Aryan tribe was living on the bank of lake Balkash in Kazakhstan. It developed a religious dispute and split into two inimical groups. The one that carried the Vedas with them, called itself Devs and called the other group Asurs. After much fighting both sides were dislodged from lake Balkash and moved south. The Vedic side remained in the delta of Amu Dariya in Uzbekistan, while the Asurs seem to have moved further south to the present day Iraq, which in ancient western sources is named Babylon, while the eastern sources have called it Asuristan. The present publication ‘Discovering Jesus’ is a research based on Christian writings of the early centuries. Its primary focus is to looking for the real teachings of Jesus. The beliefs of Christianity today are what have been laid down by Paul, who had never met Jesus in his life but claimed that he received his teachings in a vision. He, and the Church later, created an impression that Paul and the Apostles, who had accompanied Jesus in his life, preached together and the same things. The book has brought out evidence to show that this is not true. The real apostles of Jesus had excommunicated Paul and their followers did not acknowledge him as an apostle. It also brings out evidence to show that Paul and his followers created the myths of Jesus having been born of a virgin, his rising from the dead and the miracles performed by him. The real apostles and their followers did not believe in any of these things. As the real apostles of Jesus were not literate and did not write much, their teachings were recorded by others, who were their disciples. On the other hand Paul wrote extensively. In this situation, wherever the recordings of the teachings of the real apostles came in conflict with what Paul had written, they were declared to be heresies propounded by the persons who had recorded them. In this process the Pauline teachings took hold of all Christian beliefs while the teachings of the apostles who had accompanied Jesus in his life and whose teachings should be considered to be the teachings of Jesus, were declared heresies by the Church.

    The book proceeds to look for the  teachings of Jesus from the beliefs of the Christians who were declared heretics and finds them very close to Vedic beliefs. In an attempt to look for how Vedic beliefs reached Jesus, the book finds evidence to establish that the Jews were Aryans. It brings out evidence to show that Abraham was from the side of the Aryan group that had called itself Devs in the split that took place on the banks of lake Balkash. The Assyrians were from the Asur side. It is evident that when these people moved south from Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, the split on the basis of religious beliefs was very recent. Some Devs in this migration, trusting kinship, moved with the Asurs to Babylon. Over time the religious persecution of these Devs in Babylon at the hands of the Asurs, led them to leave the place and look for shelter elsewhere. The migration of Abraham out of Babylon, with no destination in mind, is the migration of the Dev population that had migrated with the Asurs as they were closely related to them and only a religious dispute had caused a schism. This would mean that all Abrahamic races, which includes the Jews as well as the Arabs, are Aryans.

     The author has stated that the entire thesis is based on literary sources only and has admitted that such a big question cannot be conclusively answered by this alone and other sources of information, specially genetics, need to come in to confirm these findings.

The book ‘Discovering Jesus’ is a research paper based on the writings of the Christian theologians of the early centuries. The beliefs in Christianity today are what have been laid down by the Apostle Paul. Paul had never met Jesus, but claimed that he received his teachings in a vision. An impression was created by him and the Church later that what he preached was what was laid down by Jesus by showing that he and the apostles who had spent their life with Jesus preached together and the same things. The book brings out evidence to show that Paul had been excommunicated by the other apostles and fought a running battle with them all his life. The Church of the other apostles did not acknowledge Paul as an apostle, but considered him to be an apostate. The book proceeds to present evidence to show how Paul and the Pauline Church created myths of Jesus’s birth from a virgin, his rising from the dead and miracles performed by him, none of which were believed by the Church of the followers of the other apostles. It proceeds to show how, after the death of the apostles, the beliefs laid down by Paul entered the Church of the real apostles and how they erased the belief system laid down by them by declaring them to be a heresy. This happened because the apostles did not write much and their teachings were recorded by their disciples. They were thus declared to be heresies propounded by them wherever they were in conflict with Paul, who had written extensively. The book proceeds to search for the teachings of Jesus from the beliefs of the Christians who were declared heretics by the Pauline Church. As these beliefs emerge disjointedly from the writings of Christian theologians each element of them is compared with the Vedic beliefs and their close identity is brought out. The book finally looks for the source of Vedic beliefs in Jesus’s teachings and finds that these were the original beliefs of the Jews also. With this it proceeds to see whether the Jews were in any way related to the Aryans and concludes that it is incorrect to call them a Semetic race. They were Aryans and of the group that called itself Devs.

The book is available in leading book stores, as well as Amazon and Flipkart etc.

(Author is a corporate veteran, graduate from prestigious Allahabad University. He has worked with the stalwart of Indian industry, Russi Modi, for decades. He also worked in IIM Indore as media consultant.)

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