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Devotees throng Murga Mahadev temple on last Somvari

Noamundi, Aug. 7: Thousands of devotees paid obeisance to Lord Murga Mahadev on the occasion of last Somwar in the holy month of Shravan on August 7.

A large number of devotees lined up to offer holy water to the phallic of Lord Shiva Phallic since Sunday night.
The entire atmosphere was resonated with the chants of ‘Bol Bam’.

The devotees not only from Jharkhand but neighboring states of Odisha, West Bengal and Chhattisgarh gathered in large numbers on the last Somwar and offered prayers.

The holy month of Shravan is of great significance for the Hindus.
In the month of Shravan, devotees observe fast, take part in charitable activities and remain devoted to the divine.

Murga Mahadev temple is situated in Noamundi mines area under Champua subdivision of Kendujhar district. Lakhs of devotees visit this place during the month of Shravan, Kartik and during Shivaratri.

It is an ancient shrine where both tribal and Brahminical system of worship are followed. The waterfalls nearby make the place marvellous. Every winter people come here for recreation and picnic.

The place is becoming more attractive as the number of devotees to offer obeisance increases every year. The government of Odisha and Jharkhand make elaborate arrangement of security and medical aids during the holy festival.

Various organization and institution put up their stall to offer lemon water, foods for the devotees. Temple committee also deployed 300 hundred volunteers to maintain law and order.

The temple committee is formed by the people of Odisha and Jharkhand and BDO of Joda division is chaired as president of the committee. Puja is performed by Bhumij cast priest.

This is the only temple where no Brahman Pandit are allowed to play the role of priest. Because Lord Siva didn’t believe in casteism.

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