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Devotees celebrate Janmashtami, Jamshedpur drapes in a spirit of festivity

Jamshedpur, Aug 31: Festivities marked the birth of Lord Krishna celebrated as ‘Janmashtami’ in the city amidst Covid-19 restrictions recommended by the Government, for the second consecutive year here on Monday.

Scores of Krishna Temples in Mumbai, including the ISKCON Temple were decorated with bright lights, flowers, the deities sporting brand new attires, though there were less devotees present for the celebrations on account of the Covid-19 protocols.

However, most temples have organised ‘aartis’, ‘darshan’ and donations and other facilities for devotees to celebrate the festival safely, as the Corona ‘third wave’ could be lurking close.

 At Krishna Temple, Telco, the day began as early as 4.30 a.m. with prayers. The temple was beautifully decorated with streamers and lights which would be lit up at night.

‘The Janmashtami celebrations began with the Mangala aarti. There was the Guru puja after that and the Maha Abhishek,’ a member of the temple said.

‘A large number of people had started coming early in the morning on Sunday and Monday. At night, the crowd increased manifold. Prasad (offerings) was distributed to all the devotees,’ the member added.

‘Janmashtami celebrations are great fun in our locality. Devotional songs are sung and small girls dress up in all their finery imitating Krishna’s friends and dance. I will dress up my son as Krishna in a yellow dhoti, complete with a crown with a peacock feather,’ Sharma said.

The Shyam Mandir of the city was decorated with flowers and maha-arti was performed to celebrate the birth of Lord Krishna. A huge tableau was prepared and Lord Krishna and Radha in new clothes were decorated with flowers for the celebration which picked momentum after sunset.

In several households, the idols of Lord Krishna and Radha were adorned with new clothes of yellow color and jewellery as the devotees observed fast for the entire day, busy preparing delicacies to offer to the Lord made up of milk and fruits.

The city was draped in a spirit of festivity as devotees thronged several decorated temples offering their prayers to the Lord. The entire city reverberated on the tunes of ‘Hare Krishna… hare krishna’.

With priests at the temples reciting Sanskrit verses and text of Bhagavad Gita, people chanting devotional songs thronged the temples in various localities on Janmashtami — celebrated to mark birth of Lord Krishna, one of the most loved Hindu deities. Heavy rush was particularly witnessed at Radha Krishna temple at Refugee Colony.

“Devotees have been lining up in front of the temple from 5 a.m. It is believed that fasting with a sincere heart on Janmashtami fulfils wishes,” Dwarika Sharma, a priest.

‘While devotees observe ritualistic fasts on the occasion, the more fervent devotees observe a Nirjal vrat (waterless fast) that is broken at midnight after offering prayers to hail Lord Krishna’s birth,’ he added.

Idols of Lord Krishna at temples are decorated with flowers and electronic lights, and also those at the houses, were bathed and offered new clothes.

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