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Developing modern Jharkhand on path of progress

By Dilraj Kaur Bhatia

In the vein of most of the states of India, Jharkhand is inclined towards industry. Besides great prospects of power and electricity, the state has seen great rise in the establishment of industries.

As far as natural resources like minerals, land and water are concerned, Jharkhand is among the richest States of India. Out of the total population of 288.46 lakhs, 223.1 lakhs live in rural areas and only 65.36 lakhs are urban dwellers. Even a cursory glance is sufficient to convince that most of the tribal, Dalit and OBC population live in villages and depend on land and allied activities for their livelihood. Urban areas are inhabited by upper and middle classes, engaged mostly in trade, commerce, industry, and the service sector.

Post economic liberalization rapid developments in Indian cities have led to a lot of modernization instantly. Tier-I and tier-II cities are now almost choked with land expansion and consequent construction. Subsequently, these places have become crowded with more and more people settling down in them day after day.

After saturation of land in metro cities, property developers are on their way to exploring the next potential realty hubs. They have been rapidly developing tier-II and tier-III cities while considering tier-IV cities at the same time.

And when it comes to small and well-managed towns and cities in the tier-III category than there can be nothing better than the ones like Jamshedpur, Ranchi, Dhanbad and Bokaro .

The demand for property has been rising in cities like Jamshedpur, Ranchi, Dhanbad and Bokaro as people hunt for serene surroundings. These two areas are now witnessing fast paced growth in terms of real estate developments across all the sectors-residential, commercial and retail.

�Large section of the population residing here for decades in the two cities are directly and indirectly linked to Tata Steel and they are willing to settle down here besides, within a limited area house seekers strength has increased manifold giving promoters and developers ample opportunity to cash on the situation,� opined T C Mohanty, chairman, Builders Association of India (BAI), Jamshedpur chapter.

As property in the nearest metro Kolkata and other cities became unaffordable, the focus of both property developers and property investors shifted to these small but relatively peaceful places, offering scope for realty expansion.

The cities of Jamshedpur, Ranchi, Dhanbad and Bokaro are attracting home seekers who want to own apartments or flats for a peaceful life without compromising on modern amenities. Both the cities are attracting various property developers to meet the growing housing demands.

Jamshedpur was recently awarded 8th best city of the country prize vis-�-vis its civic amenities by Union urban development ministry.

The twin cities are welcoming lots of development on the residential and commercial front as property builders on local as well as regional levels are constructing infrastructures spreading to the National Highways.

When residential requirements were met to a limited extent, the status of Steel city as a realty destination escalated high. Now property in Steel city has become very expansive making people look for quieter yet fully equipped housing address on the national highway (NH-33) connecting state capital Ranchi to Kolkata.

The emerging interests of various local and regional real estate players like Sahara Apartments, Aastha Apartments, Ashiana Homes and Rishiraj Homes are all set to reach new heights soon.

There are about 100 plus builders and promoters in Jamshedpur Ranchi, Dhanbad and Bokaro aggressively pursuing the business of providing a decent flat or apartment to the people to leave in.

Jharkhand, the home to 40 per cent of the country’s mineral reserves, has come up with a draft of its Industrial Policy to boost industrialisation in the State.

The Industrial Policy states that efforts will be made to allot more iron ore and coal mines to Jharkhand State Mineral Development Corporation (JSMDC) to enable the company to enter into joint venture with other companies for taking up the development of these mines for supplying raw material to the needy industries of the State.

This will prove to be useful to the state only after suitable measures have been taken to substantially revamp the functioning of this undertaking of the State Government.

The policy like its predecessor announces the intention of the Government to introduce a �single window system� for time-bound clearance of industrial proposals. Performance of the State in the past in this regard does not inspire confidence. The State has to take effective steps to act upon this intention in order to make prospective entrepreneurs take such apparently platitudinous promises seriously.

The boom in the fashion industry has also opened a plethora of opportunities in the field of fashion design. It�s all about the effortless look that marries comfort with the latest trends, without compromising personal style and comfort. Not restricted to women, fashion today has even men playing their roles on the ramp.

The industry despite being relatively new in Jharkhand, is proving itself to be a high growth profession. A high degree of professionalism in the industry has resulted in a continuous requirement for talented, skilled and qualified personnel at various levels.

Fashion involves design, fabrication and marketing of clothing that is appealing and accepted. The years spent at the fashion institutions are not wasted with growing internationalisation, styles and colours in the market are being increasingly influenced by worldwide trends. It is very necessary that a designer be aware of the latest fashion trends and update him/herself regularly. The fashion industry offers equal opportunities to men and women – and youth is no barrier to success!

This is the most rapidly expanding area with many opportunities for new entrants. It focuses on bulk production and covers the entire range of garments for a variety of consumers and uses.

Jharkhand is poised to emerge as a reputed international design and fashion centre. A few designers have been able to make their presence felt in the international market. There is a demand for new and promising designers.

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