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Dengue Prevention Meeting in Jamshedpur: Dedicated helpline number to come up

Workshops to be regularly organized in schools to educate the youth about  viral infection prevention measures

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Jamshedpur, Sept 25: In a proactive move to combat the threat of dengue in the district, a high-level review meeting was conducted by Sub-Divisional Officer, Dhalbhum,  Piyush Sinha, with the Dengue Task Force.

The meeting, which took place via an online platform, saw the participation of key stakeholders including Civil Surgeon Dr. Jujhar Majhi, officials from the Health Department, representatives from municipal bodies, Tata Steel UISL, and other concerned authorities.

During the meeting, SDO Sinha stressed the importance of intensifying efforts in the fight against dengue and ensuring the systematic implementation of prevention measures. He issued directives for all municipal bodies to establish a dedicated helpline number within their respective areas, enabling residents to report dengue-related concerns or seek assistance. Immediate action was mandated in response to any dengue-related complaints received through these helplines, emphasizing the need for swift response and support for affected individuals.

Furthermore, the SDO proposed the establishment of a dedicated helpline number for suspected dengue cases in the district. This measure would enable patients to access vital medical consultations promptly, thus enhancing the overall response to potential cases.

In a bid to contain the spread of dengue, Sinha instructed that in the event of a confirmed dengue case in any locality, mandatory anti-larva activities, sanitation, and indoor fogging should be conducted in the vicinity of the affected individual’s residence. Additionally, he called for the swift completion of contact tracing efforts in the Kadma and Dhatkidih areas.

Addressing the need for training,  he urged all supervisors associated with anti-larva activities to undergo specialized training in dengue prevention. This training would equip them with the necessary expertise to identify dengue larvae during inspections, ensuring thorough assessments of potential breeding sites. He also stressed the importance of conducting inspections and dengue prevention activities systematically in the Golmuri area.

The meeting concluded with a call for all municipal bodies and health departments to embark on mission-mode anti-dengue campaigns across all areas, with a focus on effective coordination. Furthermore, it was proposed that workshops be regularly organized in schools to educate the youth about dengue prevention measures, instilling a sense of responsibility among the younger generation in the fight against dengue.

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