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DAV NIT holds counseling session for Class 11 students, parents

Jamshedpur, March 31: DAV Public School, NIT, Adityapur, organized a counseling session for Class 11 (science) students together with their parents on Wednesday and Thursday.

Addressing the gathering, principal of the school, O P Mishra, informed the parents in general and the students in particular to abide by the code of conduct of the school on discipline, attendance, school uniform, use of language, timely payment of school tuition fee, attendance on PT meeting and the like.

Ajay Kumar Tiwary, senior mathematics teacher of the school, suggested the students on other important codes of conduct of the school. He told the parents to cooperate the school management by ensuring that their wards do not bring cell phones to school, not wear expensive and fancy ear rings, put on spikes, not wear low waist trousers, sports shirts, floaters, sports shoes, chappals and things like that.

It was further pointed out to the students to refrain from bunking the classes, using un-parliamentary languages, gestures, bullying, fighting, and quarreling in the school premises as well as outside.

Following the counseling session, all the selected students were called one by one for the verification of name, date of birth, address, phone number and other relevant deails before admission.

Rajkumar Acharya, Leena Pandey, Sumana Brahma, A K Khutia, Indrajit Das, Pratik Mandal and Harinder Singh and the faculty members of Class 11 also contributed in the counseling process.

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