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Curtains come down on national conference on Gleeble User Workshop

Jamshedpur : The valedictory function of the national conference on �Thermo-mechanical Processing of Steels� and 5th Gleeble User Workshop of India (GUWI-2015) started with the end of technical presentations on the subjects where Dr. Fulvio Siciliano from Brazil was the chief guest.

The other dignitaries on the dais were Dr. K. L. Sahoo and Dr. G. K. Mandal from CSIR-NML. During the two days of the conference total 46 technical papers of the specialized subject were presented as informed by Dr. Sandip Ghosh Chowdhury, Coordinator Technical Committee.

Total 29 organizations from India, Brazil and USA participated in this conference as reported by Dr. V C Srivastava, Convenor of the event. In the opening remark, Dr. F. Siciliano informed that he has been working close to India and Indian steel producers since his first visit in 2003 to Jamshedpur. In the year 2002 India and Brazil were producing about 30 Million Tonnes steels.

After eight years in 2010, India steel production impressively doubled to 60MT. This is backed up by high skilled professionals, great strategy and planning, determination and hard work. In India, he is working closely with Dr. Ramen Datta and Dr. Vinod Kumar from SAIL-RDCIS, Ranchi.

GUWI was a great meeting with a very high technical and scientific levels as well as a wide coverage of the possibilities offered by Gleeble thermo-mechanical simulation. A wide range of materials were discussed in the conference including steels, superalloys, refractory metals, titanium alloys and composites. The Gleeble 58-year-old technology has been continuously improved by DSI, USA and DTS Indian representative.

Dr. K. L. Sahoo requested the delegates to share their thought about the event. Most of the participants suggested not to restrict the conference theme only to steels but should also cover wide range of materials as thermo-mechanical simulation is a very powerful technique.

Most of the participants agreed that they would go back with so many new ideas regarding the processing of steels as well as other fundamental issues emerged out during the conference, which would help them trying out different research themes; and thus the motive of the event is fully achieved.

All the participants were mesmerized by cultural programme performed by Nitangan Group of Jamshedpur. Dr. Vinod Kumar, DGM, RDCIS-Ranchi, said that the use of the Gleeble system is good for understanding the fundamentals but we have to see how the understanding can be translated effectively to the plant, in as small time as possible.

In present days thermo-mechanical simulation is extremely useful to reduce the processing steps required for any new product development.

In India, Tata steel first procured the �Gleeble Simulator� in the year 1992 and in 2015 again Tata Steel procured the latest version of Gleeble simulators-3800 from sole manufacturer DSI, USA as informed by A. K. Verma, official from Tata Steel Limited.

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