Friday, December 1, 2023

CP Singh pulls up opposition

Jharkhand: Parliamentary affairs minister CP Singh has pulled up the opposition today while deliberating on local policy.

He said that it was quite contradictory that questions were raised on local policy while companies from Mumbai were allocated tenders for sand quarry.

�While we talk about definition of local policy tenders are given to companies from outside of the State. Training gun at JMM CP Singh said that talks of formulating local policy are futile while Raj Sabhya seats are given to persons like KD Singh and Kishori Lal, who are not from Jharkand.

Over the last 14 months the JMM led government messed around on the issue of sand tenders. If the opposition leader is indeed seriously about welfare of the sons of soil then why it did not chalked out the policy for the inhabitants of Jharkhand,� CP Singh said.

He further said that there had not been a semblance of governance during 14-month-long Hemant Soren government. It was not the chief minister but his deputy secretary was calling the shots in administration.

Our government would not indulge in corruption in any form. Nor it would allow anyone to do so. There is no constitutional mandate for election of tribal chief minister all the time, he added

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