Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Country cannot run on politics of untouchability: Modi

Mahendergarh (Haryana), Oct 8 (IANS) Prime Minister Narendra Modi Wednesday said that the country could not be run on the politics of untouchability and that parties will have to rise above this to take the country forward.

Addressing a political rally for the Oct 15 assembly polls in Mahendergarh town of south-west Haryana, Modi criticised the Congress party for its reaction to his recent statement of celebrating the birth anniversary of the country’s first prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru.

“When I spoke about the birth anniversary celebrations of Nehruji, the Congress could not digest it. The country cannot be run on the politics of untouchability. This has to stop and all parties have to rise above this to take the country forward,” Modi said.

Taking another dig at the Congress leadership for seeking an account of the work done by his government in the first 60 days, Modi said: “They have not given account of what they have done in 60 years of Congress rule in the country. But I am bound to give account of every single penny and each second to the people of this country who have elected me.”

“I was not born in the house of a prime minister, chief minister or a minister. I am from among you (common people). Those who were born in the families of prime ministers and ministers give their account only to big people. I will give my account to the people of the country,” Modi said.

Talking about ‘Team India’ at the centre and in the states, Modi urged the people to give the party full majority in the Haryana assembly elections so that development can be speeded up.

“I want to bring the centre and states not only closer (pass-pass) but also together (saath-saath),” Modi said while addressing a rally here.

“I want a Team India where the prime minister and the chief minister work together. Do you want to elect a government that feel like vomiting on hearing about the central (BJP) government? Modi said.

He said that he was already seeing that people wanted change in Haryana and rid the state from the open loot, scams and mafia that have dominated it for the past 25 years.

“Haryana has been dominated by five political families in the past 25 years who have resorted to open loot, scams and massive corruption. The voters of the state have to rid it from this mess,” Modi said.

“This state has only seen ‘ghotalas’ (scams and scamsters) in the past 25 years. You have to change that and bring the BJP with full majority,” Modi said.

The Haryana assembly has 90 seats.

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