Sunday, December 10, 2023

CM Dal Bhat Yojna reaches people of Jamshedpur

Jamshedpur, March 27: State government along with good Samaritans are reaching people in the time of need. Several organisations are helping people indoors. Youths of Jamshedpur have turned good samaritans by getting into a similar exercise while helping out citizens consigned to their homes after a 21-day nationwide lockdown.

Members of Jamshedpur unit of MarwariYuva Manch, a social outfit, are providing groceries, medicines and blood to the citizens, especially the elderly.� We have released several numbers so that people can reach us and we can help them. We are presently covering Jugsalai and Adityapur. Localities like Mango, Sakchi , Kadma, Soanri and other localities will be come under the ambit of effort after taking permission from the district administration,� said a member of the Manch. The friends are already on thejob and have delivered blood and groceries to some needy people.

Meanwhile, CM Dal Bhat Yojna is also reaching people. Meals on wheels is feeding people at Rs 5 only.  To provide best benefits for those people who are suffering from poverty, government of Jharkhand introduced the scheme of providing food through low cost hotels. The scheme, which was initiated by the chief minister of Jharkhand during the year 2011, has been opened across various places within the state and they were all performing well during their initial launch. During the consecutive months, it saw a lot of crisis and they were closed one by one due to lack of proper funds and salary issue for workers at the facilities.

As meal scheme is being implemented in various states of India in a successful manner, government of Jharkhand also decided to launch the scheme again this year and make sure that they are performing well this year without any issue occurring in the middle of the process. The best thing about the scheme of dal bhat yojana Jharkhand which is going to be re-launched this year is that it will provide best food for poor people with best quality and taste rather than just providing food for namesake.

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