Friday, December 8, 2023

Clogged drains in Jamshedpur remain unattended as rains set in

Jamshedpur : East Singhbhum administration seems to have failed to meet deadline of cleaning clogged drains to prevent waterlogged streets and overflowing drains.

Though Monsoon has set in but areas like Garib Nawaz Colony, Ghoushala Road �in Jugsalai, Old Sitaramdera, Refugee Colony, Nehru Colony in Kasidih are reeling under clogged drains.�

People are complaining against the attitude of the local civic bodies. � Rains have started lashing the city but heaps of garbage and filth lie unattended in our locality and there is no one to listen.

A drain is over flowing nearby our complex though I went to lodge a complained at Jugsalai Municipality but despite assurances the situation remains the same. The stink and unhygienic atmosphere bothers commuters, especially pedestrians using footpaths along the roads,� noted Mahesh Goyal of Jugsalai.

The drain passing through Refugee Colony in Golmuri has also turned into dumping yard with . The drain has water flowing from Tata Steel works and comes under command area of JNAC.

� The situation in our area is pathetic. I am have noted that the cleaning work has been done in a hurry and heaps of garbage have left unattended leading to threat of clogging of drains again and spread of diseases,� said a local and Sakchi-based businessman.

Jamshedpur Notified Area Committee (JNAC) official; said steps have been taken to meet the deadline but these drains usually carry water from the Jamshedpur Tata Steel Works and were supposed to have been cleaned by Jusco. We had written letter to Jusco to clean the drains. However, we will inspect these drains and lodge a complaint with Jusco for performing their job,� said the official.

Moreover areas like Birsangar, Baridih Bustee, Carriage Colony and at certain places in Govindpur where people live in bustees in a great number drainage or sewerage system have gone hay wire.

An official of Jugsalai Municipality on the condition of anonymity said that lack of adequate manpower and infrastructure are posing hurdle.

�In most of the localities, there are temples. After mass feast leftover food are dumped in public place. It has become a regular affair. With limited workers’ strength, we are not able to pay attention to every corner,� he noted.

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