Monday, May 29, 2023

Cleaning staff assaults clerk at MGM Hospital


Jamshedpur, April 4: Ravi Kumar, supervisor of Cleaning agency at MGM Hospital assaulted hospital’s clerk Sujan Alam.

The issue was reported to Jharkhand State medical and public health employee union. The members of the union expressed displeasure over the incident that took place on Saturday, April 2 and gave written information to the college principal.

Secretary of the Union through a letter informed the principal that Ravi Kumar entered Clerk’s house and also assaulted his wife and children.

Kumar’s situation is quite serious. He further said that Ravi Kumar is not employee of the hospital but is forcefully trying to occupy the quarter.

Ravi is fighting with the clerk since last one week. Union secretary said that seeing the incident Ravi Kumar should be immediately vacate the house or will launch protest.

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