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Clean handwriting helps score more marks: CBSE counselor

Himalayan Paths

Jamshedpur, March 8: Bad handwriting is one of the main issues why students don’t secure good marks in the board examination.

On several occasions, students write the correct answer, but the teacher who corrects the copy finds it difficult to read what has exactly been written by the student and hence they give poor marks. On the other hand, if handwriting is good, the teacher provides students with good marks, said a CBSE counselor.

Seeing the Class 10 and 12 board exams, Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) started counseling facilities from February 1 and, during the last month; the board received more than 5000 calls.

Most of the calls received were related to how the handwriting should be? Are marks are cut on bad handwriting? Some also asked about how one should select the questions?

Experts, this time, have given more preference to handwriting. According to an expert, the main reason behind bad handwriting is mentality of writing more in less time.

Students try to write the answers quickly and don’t focus on the handwriting but instead of focusing on speed, students should give attention to their handwriting.

Expert further said that students can improve their writing by practicing to write down the answer of the subject in good handwriting before the exam. This would make the students write perfectly in the exams also.

A counselor said, if a student has to improve his writing then he/she must see that pressure is not put on wriest while writing, pen or pencil should be held from behind, right hander’s should keep their left hand on the table as it provides a bit support, copy should not be slanted while writing, students should protect the copy from getting dirty, cut and overwrite should be avoided and space should be maintained between two words.

Akansha Sen, English teacher at St. Mary’s English School, said, “Writing affects the scoring and students must see that they write in good handwriting and keep their copies neat and clean.”

She said that students must prepare a handwriting checklist where writing is clean and clear, write in line instead of left and right, word size should be normal and full stop should be given after every sentence.

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