Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Children backbone of society : Govind Pathak

Noamundi, Oct 28: Govind Pathak District President Singhbhum west of International Human Rights Organization (IHRO) talking to The Avenue Mail told that education is much more important for rural Adivasis.

In every village there is need of school of English medium background and it is the responsibility of local company to establish schools for better education. Without education a living person is like a blind man. Illiterate can never get ahead in the society.

Pathak told that he will give priority in the development of education in this area, a nation can develop only if children are educated, children have a momentum changeable part in the childhood in this period any kind of impression easily be marked on children.

Pathak further said that children are the backbone of society so change in the life of people can only possible if their children are educated. It is our moral duty that we should always cooperate and help poor people as per their need.

It is a moral duty and essential for iron ore Mines Company to train the people and make a path of earning for them, on 15th November we will also celebrate Jharkhand formation day to organize Birsa Munda birth anniversary and to pay homage to those people who have sacrifice their life to get separate state of Jharkhand, added Pathak.

Pathak President Singhbhum west of International human rights organization demanded from Jharkhand state government for the appointment in job of dependent people who have lost their life in movement of Jharkhand to make it as a free state. He said that the district needs a steel company. The sorry condition of Barajamda Government hospital must be altered

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