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Chandrabhan exits, Amlesh new face of Telco Workers Union

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Jamshedpur, August 20: A new team will lead the Telco Workers Union as the ruling party led by former President Rajendra Singh had to suffer a heavy defeat.

Opposition�s clean sweep meant the �Parivartan� utterance they used for the election campaigning turned out to be enormously successful. Thursday evening came as shocker for Chandrabhan Prasad as the man who held one of the top post in Telco Workers Union was shown the door.

Chandrabhan was defeated by Prakash Kumar for the post of General Secretary. During the counting both the candidates received 49 votes each and the contest was tied.

Later the winner was decided by lottery as two chits were put up in a box with both the candidates name and the returning officer picked up a chit and the name written was Prakash Kumar.

This meant the strong hold of Chandrabhan in the Telco Workers Union was over and the �Parivartan� as told by the opposition group was seen dominating the proceedings at the Communication Hall of Tata Motors on Thursday evening.

Counting started at 5.35 pm but DC DR. Amitabh Kaushal was present at the venue from 2.45 in the afternoon. Also present during the counting were ADC, SDO and other administrative officials. After the President, General Secretary, Joint General Secretary, Treasurer, Deputy President and Working President results were announced DC went off at 6.20 pm.

22 office bearers were elected as the final results came at 7.15 pm. Amlesh Kumar was elected the President of Telco Workers Union defeating Samsher Khan by 51 votes to 47.

Opposition�s Ajay Bhagat defeated Santosh Singh to be the new Deputy President. Bhagat got 53 votes against 45 to Singh.

For the post of Treasurer Prakash Kumar Vishwkarma beat Sanjay Kumar Mishra as the former received 62 votes and latter got 36. Chandrabhan Prasad was defeated by Prakash Kumar for General Secretary Post on lottery basis as both the candidates got 49 votes each.

Gurmeet Singh who was the Vice-President earlier was the only person elected from Chandrabhan�s group. He was elected as Working President defeating Shantanu Kumar Pusti by a margin of 1 vote.

Uttam Guha and Hardeep Singh Saini again saw tie for the post of Joint General Secretary as both the candidates received 49 votes each. The result was divided on lottery were Uttam defeated Hardeep.

There were 25 candidates vying for the 9 posts of Assistant Secretary were Dharani Dhar Mahanty, Navin Kumar, Vijay Kumar Singh, Manoj Kumar Sinha, Sintu Kumar, Jay Prakash Singh, R K Prasad, Md. Qaisar Khan and Subhash Kumar Rai were elected.

It all came to 7 seats of Vice-President were 16 candidates were contesting. Ajay Kumar, Akash Dubey, A K Srivastava, Praveen Kumar, Manoj Kumar, Md. Amanuddin and Ram Naresh Singh were elected as the new VP of Telco Workers Union.

As the results were announced supporters crowded outside the counting venue and started screaming with joy as the whole atmosphere was changed into Holi celebrations as supporters played with gulal just next to the counting centre inside Company premises.

Dhol were brought and supporters dancing with joy and some even burst crackers and it seemed like Deepawali might have arrived three months earlier.

President Amlesh Kumar and General Secretary Prakash Kumar were garlanded with flowers and their supporters carried them him on their shoulders.

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